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Making Money with Portable Photo Printers

Posted on May 4, 2010
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Making money out of gadgets that you already have is one good idea of getting extra cash. If you have your own portable photo printer, you can earn money by providing the services of a freelance photographer. In order to do the job, all you need is a digital camera and your very own portable photo printer. Of course, you will need to invest on photo paper as well.

Why Smart People Need To Have a Printer

Posted on March 12, 2010
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Smart people need to have a printer. There are different kinds of printers available in the market and not all of them have the same strengths. Some printers are able to print at very high resolutions, which make very good photo printers. There are printers that are capable of printing in larger sizes such as A3 printers. There are also portable printers that basically do the same job but are more convenient to carry. Smart people have a lot of uses for these printers.