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Different Kinds of Earrings Designs for Kids

Posted on September 15, 2010
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Little girls love to feel grown up and having jewelry just like mom or big sister is one of their favorite things. However, jewelry for children should reflect their age and their size. There are many designer earrings that are suitable for little girls. Many small girls love butterflies, hearts, rainbows and bright sparkling things. Using a butterfly in the designs of earrings for kids is a good choice. One can find beads that look like butterflies and there are many children’s earrings in the post style that are butterfly themed.

Designer earrings for pierced ears seems to be the overwhelming choice for today’s market, both for adults and children. The styles are practically endless and give the shopper a real choice in style, color and appearance. For example, there is a small set of jewelry by designer Ly Tania includes beaded hoop earrings, a bracelet and a necklace. The classic favorites are often in designer earrings for children as such hoops or studs or tiny dangles. All of the precious metals are represented as well. Designer Jeanette Shanahan has post earring designs for kids that feature pink beads and tiny chain in silver with a butterfly. She has also created children’s earrings using pink beads and crystal hearts that are perfect for a little girl.

There are also many gold earrings designs for boys available. If your son or other boy in your life has a birthday coming up and you want to buy him an earring, some there are some styles that are popular with the boys. A simple stud is always an easy choice, one that is all gold or gold with a stone in it. Gold dice, or a skull is another popular choice with boys. Some boys like gold hoops as well. Hoops that are small can be worn by boys, they generally stay away from anything too large. As long as you choose something that is not frilly and girly, boys are pretty easy to please when it comes to earring design.

If you are wondering about gold earrings design for kids in order to find just the right ones for children in your life, there are recommendations that have proven to be a hit with kids.   Gold character earrings are always popular. You can find gold earrings to represent almost any character the child likes.   Small hoops are another good choice. Make sure that they are small enough to be proportionate to the child’s face, you do not want anything too big.  Cross shaped gold earrings are perfect for Christenings or first communions.  As the child gets older they become a nice keepsake to be passed down to their own children.

Weight and size should be a consideration when shopping for earrings for a child. For everyday use, a simple pair of children’s hoop earrings or a pair of designer gold earrings is an easy choice. Lightweight and durable acrylic beads may be a good choice. When one ventures into the world of glass beads, there are literally thousands of bead styles commercially available making the choice nearly endless. Of course, all of the semi-precious gemstones are available and at some point, every little girl is ready for her first diamond earrings. Enjoy shopping for children’s earrings.

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