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Black Golf Shirt – Favorite Golf Attire

Posted on June 20, 2010
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There is little doubt; a black golf shirt is one of the most favored pieces of golf clothes.  Ladies golfers, as well as men, appear to share the same sense of liking for this garment.  It is very likely that if you could look inside a lot of golf wardrobes you would see more than one black shirt hanging.  Frequently, you can spot many professional golfers sporting a black shirt.

Are you in the process of adding some golf clothes to your golf wardrobe? Shirts are certainly staple pieces in any wardrobe, especially for golf.  Here are a few points for you to consider pertaining to the black golf shirt.

1.  Black makes you look slim.  Yes, we all love looking our best and wearing something black is a way to help achieve a more slender look.  Looking great on the golf course can help add to your self-confidence.

2.  Clothes that are black absorb heat.  A part of golfing consists of playing in hot humid weather.  If you wear black, then you will probably add to your discomfort, especially when weather conditions are hot.  No one likes the feel of a sweaty shirt that clings to the body.  This can quickly make you feel lousy.

3.  Although black absorbs the sun’s rays, technological advances in fabrics have provided a way to help combat this problem.  Microfiber is a fabric that has been designed for moisture management.  It is lightweight and a great breathable material.  This fabric is great for almost any type of wear.  Also, in today’s market you can find numerous performance shirts.  These shirts have been made with high tech fabrics, which provide great comfort and keep the moisture away.  Anti-odor treatments are even found in some of these shirts.  A high performance shirt might cost you a few dollars more, but it is a great investment for a golf wardrobe.

4.  Black goes with everything.  When it comes to making your wardrobe versatile, black is a great way to go.  You can easily coordinate black with most colors.  If you want to stretch your wardrobe look, then a black golf shirt is well worth considering.  It is a favorite piece of ladies golf attire.

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