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Introduction to Common Bra Types

Posted on May 2, 2010
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Among the different garments worn by a woman, the brassiere, or more generally known as the bra, is the most common of all. Everyday, a woman wears a bra for supporting her breasts. The bras are also worn for other purposes such as for improving the shape of the breasts or as a way to reduce or enlarge the perceived size of the breasts. Other women use bras to avoid excessive breast movement during rigorous activities such as in exercising or in activities involving wide body movements. Some women also see the potential of using certain types of bras to enhance their cleavage, while some also use a specially designed bra to facilitate nursing of their babies in public places.

There are different types of bras designed for the different purposes they are used. Bras used typically during exercises are more commonly known as sports bras. To enhance the cleavage of a woman’s breasts, the push-up bras are usually used. Underwire bras, on the other hand, are specially designed with a wire, usually a plastic or a metal, along the lower portion of each cup and are used to provide stable support for the breasts. For a more comfortable and simpler way of nursing a baby, especially in public places, a nursing bra is used by many women. These are just a few of the many differently designed bras used by women today, but the one considered by many as the most comfortable bra to wear is the soft cup. In contrast to the underwire bras, a soft cup bra does not have an underwire support under each cup. Instead, its support for the breasts relies on the band under each cup. Soft cup bras are becoming popular to every woman nowadays because of the comfort it brings, as well as the worry-free disposition a woman can get from using it.

Of all the numerous designs of bras, Chantelle bras are some of the most exquisite. These bras are known for their lacy designs and are especially created such that the cups do not wrinkle after a few washings. Chantelle bras also come in different bra types, such as T-shirt and push-up bras. They equally give support to the breasts while at the same enhance a woman’s features such as the cleavage. There are of course many other brands of great quality bras, and it would help you in your shopping to learn of the various kinds.

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