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Different Colored Suits for Men

Posted on April 25, 2010
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Men’s suits come in many styles, colors and materials to suit specific business functions and other formal events. The choice in fabric mostly depends on personal style but it should also be appropriate for the occasion. When it comes to color, black suits are the favorite and classic choice, but white suits are gaining popularity especially for fashion-conscious men who want to stand out looking appropriate for the affair yet with a more fun and stylish flair.

Like the women’s “little black dress” or LBD, a black suit is the first option among men when it comes to formal gatherings. Black is a symbol of power and natural style and whether you’re going to a serious business meeting or a sacred yet joyful wedding celebration, you can never go wrong in a black suit. A plain or solid shirt under a black suit is appropriate for office and other corporate functions, while a patterned shirt underneath your black suit is suitable for more social events like a party.

While some men wear white suits to work, they are more appropriate for social gatherings, most especially in a wedding. A plain, darker shirt underneath with a light-colored or bold tie creates a perfect, contrasting look. The choice in color and pattern depends on the occasion or your personal style. But white suits especially paired with bright and bold colors of shirt and tie always seem to reflect the daring and fun personality and style of the wearer.

Brown suits should be reserved for company meetings and other business functions, but a brown suit in a lighter shade can replace a white suit as long as proper consideration is give to the choice in shirt and tie. The socks should also match the suit for a flawless look.

While a brown suit can stand in the place of white suits, men’s suits in gray can also take the place of black suits unless the occasion specifically calls for a black suit. Make sure you check with the organizers of the event lest you appear ill-attired for the occasion.

A navy blue suit on the other hand is on the “borderline” between being a business suit and a social attire. A pastel shirt underneath a blue suit means serious business in any corporate deal while pairing it with a bright or patterned shirt automatically makes it suitable for less formal social gatherings.

Whatever color of suit you decide to wear greatly depends on the occasion, but a lot with your personal style, too. The same goes for your choice in shirt and tie to go with your suit. Most of all, wear it with confidence to look suave wherever you go.

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