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Different architectural styles in Alicante

Posted on May 25, 2010
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La Ciudad Alicante is a modern city with an ancient heart. The land around here has been occupied since well before the Muslim invasions in the seventh century. Today, you can book your flights to Alicante airport, take a taxi into the city, and spend your vacation in the confines of this wonderful place. Before you come, check out as many different Internet sites as you can and read as many guidebooks on this wonderful city as you possibly can. You need to have an itinerary because you can get lost with the abundant amount of things that you can do here.

Taking a tour in Alicante will make you appreciate the different architectural styles that can be seen in monuments and buildings. These styles represent the history and culture of Alicante in their most artistic form. You will surely be amazed with the patterns and symmetry that were illustrated in various styles.

Las Agustinas Convent
The convent was built in the 18th century so that Jesuits would have a place to roost in. inside the convent is the image of Virgen de la Soledad. A holy week celebration also takes place in honor of Virgen de la Soledad.

Alicante City Hall
Ayuntamiento or Alicante City Hall was designed by architect Lorenzo Chapuli. It has a Baroque architectural style with its rigid patterns. It has very high towers which approximately measure 165 foot high. There is even a large clock on one of those towers which is used by people for New Year count down.

Edificio Carbonell Building
This is one of the most prominent buildings in the city of Alicante. Casa Carbonell was put up between the year 1922 and 1925 by Juan Vidal Ramos. This building has been built in gorgeous details which never cease to impress locals and tourists.

Santa María Basilica
Most people are amazed with how this structure was built. It was actually the remains of a mosque which was beautified by all kinds of architectural styles from Baroque to Modernist Architecture. It was rebuilt in the 15th century and alterations that were derived from another architectural style were added. Cherubs and gargoyles grace the entire Baroque façade.

Santa Faz Monastery
This monastery is Baroque style situated in the Santa Faz district. This building has a dome shaped like a pyramid and held certain significance in Spanish history.
Alicante Provincial Council

The Alicante Provincial Council was built by Juan Vidal Ramos. He is a famous architect in 1928 who also built the famous Edificio Carbonell. The Alicante Provincial Building has a wide art gallery and “Garden of Celebrities” which pays tribute to the celebrities in Alicante. This architecture is inspired by botjh Italian and Baroque architectural styles.

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