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Choose A Snowboard Type

Posted on January 27, 2010
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When you first take up the sport of snowboarding you can be forgiven for thinking that one board is pretty much the same as the next. However this is far from the truth with great differences in the types of boards you can buy and each of them is designed for a specific type of snowboarding.

So let’s first take a look at the various types of snowboarding you may want to do. In general there are three broad categories of snowboard, although these are then broken down based on the size of the snowboarder and their experience. The 3 styles of boards are: free-ride, also known as all-mountain; freestyle; and, alpine or carving snowboards.

The most commonly used snowboard and definitely the board that a beginner would start on is the all-mountain snowboard. A snowboarding manufacturer by the name of Palmer Snowboards make a range of great quality all-mountain snowboards that have started many a snowboarder off on the right foot.

For those who want to spend their time performing tricks in the terrain parks, the freestyle board is the option to go for. A freestyle board is wider and more stable but also lighter and more flexible than the other types of snowboards. This is a requirement because the freestyle snowboarder needs a board that will be extremely responsive to their moves as they make sharp turns and catch a lot of air.

The last of the three categories of snowboard you may want to consider is the alpine snowboard which is also known as a carving snowboard. These boards have been designed to go as quickly as possible from the top of the mountain to the bottom. They are narrower than the other styles of snowboards and they are also stiffer which gives them sharp edges to carve through the snow at a great rate of knots. The more experienced snowboarder or the racer would equip themselves with a carving (or alpine) snowboard.

No matter what type of snowboarding you are planning to do there will be a board that has been designed for your ability and experience. The aim is to progress from the beginner boards up to the snowboards that have been made for the experienced riders to maximise your snowboarding experience.

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