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Three Reasons To Install A Bathroom Ceiling Heater

Posted on May 19, 2010
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There’s really no reason to subject yourself and your family to the discomfort and mild shock of entering your bathroom each morning this winter without a bathroom heater integrated right into your ceiling. Unlike the small portablespace heater” that you may already be using, a proper ceiling heater will give your bathroom a finished look, and certainly a more comfortable feel.

The problem with space heaters is that they really were never meant to be a permanent heating solution. One is constantly having to move them around or out-of-the-way, and it’s always a worry having a source of real heat so close to flammable materials in your bathroom such as towels, toilet paper. If you’ve ever brushed up against one early in the morning that in itself should be enough to make you intent on retiring your space heater to the garage.

Your ceiling heater, in addition to giving you a warm and toasty little sanctuary as you get ready for work, will also enable you to open just slightly an exterior window to increase their circulation in your bathroom. This will reduce the humidity after family members take showers, and over the long run greatly reduce the amount of mildew and mold that will come as a result of general dampness.

Naturally you’re new heater will be a home improvement that incrementally raises its value. This is not an expense like Saturday at the movies. If you ever decide to sell, small features such as this really do play a part in how easy it will be to sell to a potential buyer for your asking price.

That’s three ways that your bathroom ceiling heater will improve your comfort level as well as your bottom line. The biggest financial benefit of all might be the contractor that you won’t have to pay to rip about old tile and grout work, as well as the wooden trim that will be damaged by persistent dampness. But no matter how you slice it the money you spend on his heater, prorated over years, will be well worth it.

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