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The Safety of a Baby Crib

Posted on April 9, 2010
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Sometimes young parents receive from a family member an antique baby crib, an old family heirloom. While such a crib looks lovely, it can also be a safety hazard. Safety, not looks should be the primary consideration of anyone who is shopping for baby crib furniture.

A baby crib mattress should not be a soft, old mattress. Such a mattress could end up suffocating a sleeping infant. The mattress that comes with a single crib or a baby crib set should fit the crib properly. There should be no space between the mattress and the sides of the crib.

The above warning underlines the safety associated with joint purchase of both crib and crib bedding. That way a parent can be more certain about the correct sizing of that bedding.

A modern baby crib furniture has usually been designed so that its posts are quite close together. However, that might not be true in the case of an antique crib. Moreover, such a crib could have some decorative holes in the sides. A baby’s head could easily get trapped in such a hole.

A crib with posts could pose a danger. A baby could end up getting his or her clothes caught on one of those posts. Keep your child safe by reviewing tip here at your baby crib site.

All of those possible dangers must be taken into consideration by any parents who are shopping for a crib. If those parents are offered the use of an antique crib, then they should tactfully explain their reasons for preferring to buy a safe baby crib, one with all of the latest and safest features.

They might want to indicate that they would welcome a gift of a lovely wooden chest, something in which they could keep baby clothes. Then, when their baby had outgrown his or her crib, they could use that chest for storing the baby toys.

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