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Should You Buy Cheap Lamp Shades?

Posted on May 28, 2010
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There is nothing inherently wrong with low cost lamp shades. They do the job just like any other shades. It is just that the kind of cheap lamp shades you most find do not go with every style of interior.

The main problem is that the cheaper the shade, the less opportunity there is for the manufacturer to use beautiful materials or anything other than a plain shape, as these cost less to produce. If you want a pagoda shaped lamp shade in silk then that is not going to be cheap to produce, so it does restrict the kind of lamp shades for sale at low prices. While plain lamp shades work well in a contemporary setting, they can look out of place in more traditional interiors.

Another type of cheap shade you often find, is a shade in the latest colors, the ones found everywhere in stores and in the interior design magazines. These are cheap, despite looking as good as other more expensive lamp shades, because the low cost stores expect to be able to sell them in huge quantities, so there are economies of scale in production and distribution. This type of cheap shade can be great, if you are decorating in the latest colors, but this is, obviously, not helpful, if you have another color scheme in mind entirely.

If you can’t easily find cheap lamp shades to suit your circumstances look for expensive lamp shades which are being sold at a discount instead. These will rarely be as low in cost as the lamp shades being sold for tiny amounts but they will result in an overall better quality look for your home.

You can find these at sale time in lighting stores and also in large department stores with a lighting department. You’ll also find them at designer factory outlet centers and on the web at all times of year. If you are looking for a particular style of lamp shade, it is well worth keeping an eye on sale announcements, visiting outlets and doing a search online, as you should be able to find something suitable you can afford in one of those three ways.

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