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How To Make Cribs Canopy

Posted on January 4, 2010
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There has been a lot of people asking me lately on how to make a crib canopy.  There are many different kinds of crib in the market today, some come with canopy and some will need a little work to liven the crib with a canopy.  If you are designing your own nursery for your newly arrived new born, then you should know that the center stage of the nursery is the crib.  A professionally done up canopy will definitely liven the whole nursery up.

If you intend to make a crib canopy, you can either get a readily made do it yourself crib canopy or follow one of the design that is put up at the how to website.  In this article I will be sharing with you some of these designs that is recommended by some of the experts in crib canopy.  I will start from the simplest and slowly progress to some of the more complicated one.

Simple Peaked Canopy

baby crib canopy

The simplest among all is a simple peaked canopy that is decorated with a small little bird on top from website  It is a simple fabric canopy that form the shape of a peaked roof, support by a piece of dowel that is suspended from the ceiling of your room just above the crib.  The simple, peaked canopy sheltering the crib makes it resemble a house.  Steps to build this simple canopy can be found at the website.  However for the safety of the baby, the canopy have to be removed once the baby can pull up to a stand.

Mosquito Net Style Ring Canopy

crib canopy type

The second is a crib canopy that is copied from a baby crib mosquito netting ideas.  The method to make this ring type crib canopy can be found at website  It is a canopy that is made of tulle or sheer netting attached to a ring.  The ring with the tulle is then hang from the ceiling above the crib, draping down that gives a silky flair to the crib.  Canopy of this type gives the crib and the nursery a grand and classic looks.  Be sure to secure the loose end of the tulle to the posts of the crib, anything within the reach of the baby will be grabbed.

Rainbow Canopy

baby's canopy designs

Update 6 Feb 10:   I just received comments from the designer of the Rainbow Canopy and he have highlighted that the canopy is not suitable for a baby crip, however the design is most suitable for a toddler’s bed.  If you are looking for a canopy for a baby crib, I would recommend that you give the rainbow canopy a miss.  For those looking for ideas on canopy for a toddler’s bed, you can still use the design.

The third kind of canopy I am recommending today comes from the website  The canopy design is slightly sophisticated and would requires a little bit of sewing skills.  The canopy forms a rainbow arching across the length of the crib, allowing the baby laying within to enjoy a rich color display of the rainbow.  This type of canopy is suitable for the standard rectangular crib that comes with single or double sides drop, where the baby can be easily access from the side of the crib.  However the canopy have to be removed once the baby is able to sit up or stand up.

The canopy can be re-installed once the baby gets older and the crib is converted to a toddler’s bed.  The website has provided a detailed step by step procedures to make the crib canopy and by following the detailed instructions, anybody even those without prior experience can do it with ease.

Through this article, I have shown you three different types of crib canopy designs and the location where you can get the detailed instruction to make the crib canopy yourself.  All three varies in terms of sophistication and ease of implementation, you can either start from the simple and easily implementable Simple Peaked Canopy or put sometime into the more sophisticated Rainbow Canopy and try out your sewing skills.  However in either cases, by following the instructions given, you should be able to make a crib canopy by yourself.

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2 Responses to “How To Make Cribs Canopy”

  1. carrie on January 4th, 2010 3:37 pm

    I would love to make one. I am leaning toward the mosquito net type since this is the easiest. I was actually thinking of getting one that is already made and then adding embellishments on it with a glue gun. My baby isn’t born yet and it will be a boy, but I wan’t to do a princely theme. Most people do canopies for a little girl, but I have a great idea for one for a little boy as well. The crib is a mini crib. This makes it more difficult, but I think I can still do this. If I could only put my ideas on paper.

  2. Jauncourt on February 6th, 2010 5:15 am

    This is the author of the instructable for the rainbow canopy.

    My instructions specify that the rainbow canopy is NOT suitable for a convertible crib/toddler bed that is still in use as an infant crib:

    “NOTICE: Do not use this for a crib-bed that is still in use as a crib. This design is much too low to be safe as an infant crib canopy. Also, if you want to make this for a non-crib toddler bed, you will have to create your own pattern and customize your frame.”

    PLEASE EDIT YOUR POST ASAP to reflect that the third style is NOT SUITABLE for a crib. It is only suitable for a convertible crib that has been turned into a toddler bed. Not appropriate for infants. NOT SAFE FOR INFANTS.

    Thank you,
    the author of the Rainbow Canopy Instructable.

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