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Chlorine Dispensers Make Maintenance Easy

Posted on June 22, 2010
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Pool owners have some decisions to make when they decide to get their swimming pools up and running for the year.  One of the important things they must consider is what type of chemicals they will be using to keep the water safe and clean.

There are a number of different options available to meet a variety of maintenance needs, but one of the most popular ways to go is that old standard, chlorine.  It is relatively inexpensive compared to many of the other products available on the market, and it does a very good job of keeping the water ready for swimmers.

One of the big advantages of using chlorine is the low maintenance requirements.  Although you still must monitor your water and run tests on it, once things are up and running, things are pretty easy.  Many people use chlorine tablets, that look a bit like white hockey pucks, to keep up their pool’s chlorine levels.  This can be made extra simple by getting yourself a large chlorine dispenser float.  Some of these will hold up to three pounds of chlorine tablets which will slowly dissolve as they move around the surface of the swimming pool.  Using a large dispenser for this job allows for more time to pass between refilling the tablets.

Chlorine does a great job at controlling the growth of algae and eliminating bacteria in the water.  Stabilized chlorine is used in tablets to help control pH levels in the water as well.

Before adding any chemicals to your pool, it is important to get a water sample tested so that you can establish what your starting point is.  Many pool shops will offer this service for free in the hopes that you will buy any chemicals you need from them.  A swimming pool contains quite a bit of water, and if not maintained properly, can quickly become a stagnant mess. Once chemical levels are where they should be, many people choose to monitor the situation using a pool testing kit.  If you decide to go this route, make sure that you understand what all of the numbers mean so that you can add just the right chemicals when they are needed.  You will find that one of the easiest parts of this job is keeping your chlorine float full.

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