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Buying A Cheap Coffee Grinder For The Home

Posted on June 23, 2010
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Espresso coffee grinders are thought of as the crème de la crème of this essential kitchen appliance, but how can you find a cheap item without sacrificing the quality and the finesse of your ground coffee? Without going into too many technical details, the piece will outline the specifications that you can forfeit without ruining your Espresso experience.

Let us first address the question that is on everybody’s mind: what makes an Espresso coffee grinder special? In simple terms, it is all about the level of coarseness. An Espresso grinder, whether cheap or not, should be able to grind coffee into a fine mix. Therefore, when you have your eyes set on a cheap item, make sure that it clearly states on the box that your coffee grinder offers “fine/espresso grind”. The secret to cutting the price in almost half is to realize that you do not need any coarseness setting if all you intend to do is grind beans for Espresso.

Having said that, another important point to take into your consideration is the bean capacity of your chosen model. If you only grind a few ounces of beans at a time, go for a smaller device—it will definitely cut the costs!

You also have a few other options. You can buy a cheap coffee grinder by keeping it simple: a plain Espresso coffee grinder with no canister, no “auto-off” feature, and a lower power motor (around 150 Watts). Beware, though, because many of the cheaper coffee grinders use a blade mechanism, which might affect the quality/texture of your grind. You will definitely need a burr mechanism for your Espresso coffee grinder.

Finally, you can go for a manual hand-cranked grinder. A manual grinder can be relatively cheap, even with coarseness settings and burr grinding mechanism which would make them the ultimate cheap Espresso coffee grinder.

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