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Understanding the Guitar Chord Chart

Posted on June 29, 2010
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There are only two important things that is very much required in playing a guitar; first, a perfectly toned guitar, and the second, familiarity of the chords. The first one is quite simple, one just has to purchase or borrow a guitar to get started, but the second one requires hard work, patience, and practice.

The guitar chords are very confusing when it is the first time you see it. It is like a couple of dots in between a line. However, don’t be discouraged because the dots only represent the finger where it will be put in the string.

Before going to the location of the hand and the finger on the guitar, it is safer to learn first the kind of chords. The chords that are mainly used are called major chords. However, there are variations such as minor chords, sharp, flat and dominant type 7th. The chords may be C, D, E, F, G, A and B; these chords represent DO RE MI FA SOL LA TI.

Now that you have an idea of the types and kinds of chords, the next thing to understand is how to use the finger to press the string in the guitar. One may obtain a chord chart from a local music shop or in the internet for chord references. One you have the copy of the chord chart, the hard part comes in which means understanding it.

Every chord, i.e. C major, represents one chord in the chord chart. If your chord chart comes with a diagram you will see three dots located at the middle of a line. The line represents the string of a guitar which is composed of six (6) strings. One just has to place his finger in the designated string. If there are three dots, three fingers must be placed in the string of the guitar in the order of the string. If one is confused which is which, there is also a diagram of what the hand and the finger will look like when placed on the guitar.

Spreading the finger across the strings is quite hard, especially for first timers, however, practice can compensate for this shortcoming.

It’s easy to see why so many people buy a guitar with the intention of learning only to end up allowing to sit in a corner gathering dust.  Although there are many books, DVDs and magazines on the subject learning guitar, people find it much easier to learn with a private guitar tutor in Glasgow.  As long as you find a good tutor, you will be learning guitar in no time at all.

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