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Pocket Watch Stand

Posted on February 9, 2010
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If a person holds as much regard for their pocket watch as much as I do, then they will definitely want to consider using a pocket watch stand or pocket watch dome to show off their pocket watch. This method is a safe, viable, and inexpensive alternative to a potentially dangerous situation for your antique or prized watches.

By placing your pocket watch on a bare mantle, shelf, or a drawer, you risk the chance for an accident – exposing your watch to various hazards and putting it at risk for major damage should it ever fall. A simple bump from someone passing by can result in a big bill from a watchmaker and repairman.

To avoid these risks at all cost, I have been investing in pocket watch stands as long as I can remember. One of my most prized models is a sculpted outdoor/deer scene, currently sold by The Franklin Mint. This model, “the ten-point buck pocket watch stand”, is accented 24-karat gold and features a prominent male buck over an outdoor setting. This has been perfect for an outdoorsman such as myself and is a great display area for a gold pocket watch. And did I mention it protects your watch from scratches or a fall?

Pocket watch tip: Keeping your watch in a pocket watch stand, or encased in a pocket watch dome, can also serve as a great “excuse”. If a younger family member or friend wanted to hold the watch in his or her hands and your pocket watch was especially valuable, you could simply state that “all pocket watches remain in the stand – you can look but you cannot touch”. I have found this useful in the past.

The first step to purchasing a stand for your pocket watch is to see or talk to a jeweler or watchmaker. They should be able to help you decide which stand would best compliment your watch – whether it’s wood, gold, silver, brass, pewter. Many models exist – from a simple but sturdy “basic” model to a high-end custom design. Generally speaking, however, most pocket watch stands sell from prices ranging between a modest $20 and a still-affordable $75.

So in closing – do yourself a favor! Take some time to protect some of your most valuable treasures and help showcase them to your family and friends. You’ll be glad you did!

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