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Porcelain Crowns can Help Fix Your Dental Problems

Posted on June 18, 2010
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Porcelain crowns are used to lighten the teeth, to close gaps, straighten unsightly crooked teeth and fix a crowded mouth. These crowns are of such versatility that they are able to fix several other dental problems faced by individuals.Crowns are able to be used for cosmetic purposes – they instantly improve the look of any individual who has been feeling insecure about the appearance of their smile and the shape of the teeth that are on show. Good porcelain crowns can solve several problems at once.

To receive a crown, the tooth must be first shaved down. On the first visit to the dentist, a mold of the tooth is created and this is later used by the dentist as a guide when the crown is being applied. The crown is secured to the tooth using a bonding material. Once the fixture has set, the individual can eat and drink as normal.

Crowns are used around the world as remedies for various different dental issues. Previously, crowns were bonded to the teeth with the use of a metal framework. This was the single and at the time, the best way for the attachment to withstand the forces incurred by the chewing of food. The advances in dental technology have removed the requirement for a framework of this kind. Pure porcelain crowns are now strong enough for use on molars – some of the most used teeth. The previous metal framework meant that aging patients were often left with an unsightly line atop of their gum once the gum line had begun to recede and metal had started to become apparent. It was therefore difficult for crowned teeth to appear natural for long time periods.

The greatest advantage of this type of dental fix is that pure porcelain proves close in color to that of natural teeth. It can be difficult for the untrained eye to distinguish between a porcelain crown and a natural tooth. The dentist has the ability to order the porcelain crown in the exact same shade as that of the natural teeth. The mold created is used to ensure that the crown’s shape is accurate and will fit securely. A dental laboratory technician creates the crown and delivers it to the dentist whose task is then to secure it onto the specific tooth which is to be fixed. Once the porcelain crown has been fixed onto the tooth, this tooth will prove indiscernible from all the rest. Patients are left with a newly improved smile to be proud of and they are generally delighted with the results achieved with the use of porcelain crowns.

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