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30 lbs in 30 Days: Can You Really Lose Weight That Quick?

Posted on June 19, 2010
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There are a ton of scams, a load of misinformation, and a bunch of crappy products in the weight loss industry.  It is sad because these companies are preying on people who really want to change their life.   And then, when these lies/products/etc fail, it de-motivates people and they begin to think they can’t lose weight.  So, when they hear claims that you can lose 30 lbs in 30 days, they are naturally skeptical.  I can tell you up front that it won’t be easy, but that yes, it can be done, and here’s how:

1) You’re going to need dedication and motivation.  These two things are definitely important.  Find some people who are willing to go on the journey with you so that you can be motivated when you feel like not eating right and not working out each day.  You also need to be dedicated.  Choose a good non-food prize for yourself that you’ll have earned by losing 30 pounds, so you’ll work towards that goal.

2) You’ll need to have your nutrition dialed in.  No cheating, no sneaking foods, no snacking that isn’t part of your normal daily calories.  You’ll need to learn what types of food are best to eat, make sure to eat those only and in smaller portions, and you’ll need to be drinking a lot of water every single day.

3) You will also need to exercise every day.  Instead of just doing cardio the whole time, I would only use that as a warm up exercise.  Strength training exercises will help you to build up muscle which is important for quick fat loss.   You can use weight machines, free weights, or even your own body weight in order to get resistance that builds up muscles.  Burning fat comes from building up muscle.

Combine these 3 elements, and you definitely can lose weight fast such as 30 pounds in 30 days.

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