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Why I Use Plastic Storage Containers

Posted on June 19, 2010
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I hate throwing things away, and so I always have full closet, basement, and attic space. I have learned over the years that the best way to keep things organized is to use plastic storage containers, as they are good all-purpose storage for anything I could wish to hold.

I keep papers quite a lot, like tax documents, or schoolwork from when I was younger. I hope to do this for my kids someday too. I’ve learned that the best way to keep them is a strong container that has no chance of breaking or getting crushed, and plastic is perfect for this job. It makes for a very light package, easy to carry, and it can withstands kicks or blows that it might receive. This is my favorite use for them.

Another thing I use them for is video game console storage. I have old consoles that I want to keep in case they ever become worth something, and these containers just can’t be beat for the job. I wrap them in bubble wrap or newspaper for cushion, and then place them in a climate controlled part of my house for long term storage. This keeps them free from dust and oxygen in the air that may cause them problems in the long run too. I like to take care of my expensive purchases, and these are definitely one of them.

I also use them to keep nicer plates and cups. I have some dinnerware that does not have its original boxes, and so using plastic storage containers, again with some cushioning inside to keep them safe, is the best solution I have discovered.

These are just some of the uses I have personally found for safe and portable storage in my home. You can keep practically anything using the techniques I have described, but whatever you do, make sure your valuables are safe and sound. There’s nothing worse than opening a box and finding your things torn or broken.

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