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Infant’s Hooded Towels

Posted on June 26, 2010
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Generally used right after bathing for wiping or drying, a towel easily absorbs liquid because of its fabric’s nature. In this regard, selecting the right one to acquire should ideally be based on its fabric’s being soft to the touch. Such softness usually entails gentleness even to an adult’s skin, much more to a baby’s very sensitive skin.

Nowadays, there are various towel types which are available in many designs and sizes, and the infant hooded towel is one popular type. It is actually designed especially for babies, to be used immediately after each bath. Since infants can quickly lose body heat, this type is preferred over traditional towels, due to the doing away of having to form a conventional rectangle towel into a makeshift hooded one.

Many manufacturers offer different sizes of this specially-designed type. Thus, not only babies can experience its benefits; young adults, too. However, even if they look exactly like one, not all brands are the same. At certain times, some which have rock-bottom prices are not made from superior materials. Therefore, before getting a hooded towel, it is so important to scrutinize the labels or tags. Here are basic tips prior to buying for a baby, a child, or a teenager:

Firstly, careful study the fabric of a few personal choices is a must. Sometimes, appearances are really deceiving. What looks soft many not feel quite like it; hence, holding and feeling the product is essential. The bamboo fabric, strong yet light, is a good choice to start with. Any towel made from this has the needed strength but is lightweight, not making the user uncomfortable.

Secondly, the size/s to be chosen must be a little larger than the user/s. This is to practically ensure a longer usage period, even just a bit. To this, one with velcro is advisable, for such to be easily converted to a robe; double practicality. Thirdly and finally, to make bath time or a swimming session more fun, cute kiddy designs may be opted, according to the individual kid-users’ picks.

Good research online is suggested for a would-be-buyer to get the best out of a purchase. Updates in local magazines may also be checked. If there is extra time, it is definitely wise to go window-shopping first, to compare the better brands’ hooded towels against the others’. This way, getting the best one is not impossible.

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