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Fabulous Wedding Tables With Beach Wedding Centerpieces

Posted on March 23, 2010
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Having a beach wedding will make it necessary to create beach wedding centerpieces that are suited to the surroundings. It is easy to assume that a centerpiece designed for another location can be used, but a little effort will result in a table decoration that is more suitable.

Consider the plants and flowers that are indigenous to the area and whether they can be used to create a suitable table decoration. This will ensure that the centerpiece is in keeping with the theme of the wedding and the scene that provides the backdrop for the ceremony. Using native flowers that are the same color as that of the theme of the wedding will create a lovely accent. Allow yourself to be guided by the elements of the beach while creating your design for the centerpieces.

As with any outside wedding, it will be necessary to take the elements into account to ensure that the centerpieces do not immediately get ruined with the first slight wind. Ensure that the base is sufficient to keep the centerpiece upright in the event of a sudden gust of sea breeze.

Where lighting is required as part of the centerpiece design, be aware that exposed candles may not be suitable. Consider enclosing candles in a lantern in order to reduce the risk of the flame going out. This will allow you several options in terms of the style of lantern, as well as the manner in which you can decorate the outside. This option will also work with oil-powered lanterns.

The style of the beach wedding centerpieces is important to ensure that it does not look out of place. A detailed and intricate design that would be used within a reception hall may not suit a beach atmosphere which would demand a more simple design.

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