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Use of Teacher Stamps in Encouraging the Students

Posted on May 12, 2010
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Teacher always been a dearest peoples to my heart and it’s not only because of they had helped me a lot for the success of me but also because they are the persons who taught me the culture with my mom and dad. Mom and Dad are the true most important persons in any once life but teacher also poses a much importance in every once life. Mother and father teach us how to eat, talk, and walk and many more things but teacher teach us how to live in this world. Teacher actually opens the doors to the outside world for us and teaches us how to live in that world with dignity and self respect.

I have seen teachers are the person who became role model of many persons in their childhood and become the point of the inspiration. What teacher teach it directly affect the whole life of the student hence teacher have a great responsibility for the future of the world that is students. We can see the stories around us for the effect of inspiration on students, if teacher punish them just see their attitude how it affects them. On the occasion of teachers day we show our gratitude towards the teachers.

I have a teacher in my early school life who introduced the teacher stamps to us by using them in our class. We didn’t take interest first but soon getting a stamp on the class notebook was the thing of pride and soon it becomes competition among the students. That competition helped us in the journey of our life. I and many of my friends still have those notebooks with the stamps on them. The idea was used in our school afterwards and helped many students like us in their journey to the success. The idea may not be new but if used properly will be a great way of inspiration to the students.

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