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The Top Three Secrets of Computer Furniture

Posted on February 14, 2010
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Computer furniture is essential for any modern office, whether it be in a corporate office or a private home. From the large handcrafted mahogany desk to the simple plastic HP printer stand, modern computer furniture works to combine form and function, doing its best to support computers both aesthetically and physically. The problem is that every computer is different, and so every piece of computer furniture that is to go with a computer must be carefully considered before purchase. There is also the problem of how to deal with future computer developments when purchasing a single piece of furniture.

The first secret is to realize that computers have a life cycle of about five years. Many people replace their computers more often, but in general, a computer of greater than five years in age is too obsolete to repair or upgrade. Therefore, furniture buyers should decide whether they want a computer that goes with the furniture or furniture that goes with the computer. The advent of inexpensive plywood furniture makes the latter an affordable option, especially to renters, parents, and college students.
The second secret is to take into account that computers do not need to be taken as a whole. With the proper cables, it is possible to place the computer off to the side or beneath the desk, with only the monitor, keyboard and mouse in view. This often offers desks a greater quantity of space, which is important if you intend to use the desk for more than just computer work. Many doctors, lawyers and other persons who spend a lot of time talking over the desk need furniture, which places the computer off to the side, where it is near at hand yet not in the way.

The third secret is to look into furniture custom built for the equipment at hand. For example, an HP printer may come with an HP printer stand as a free or discounted add-in. This custom-built furniture tends to fit flush with the machine and maximize the machine’s appearance. Many pieces of modern computer furniture are tailored to fit specific models and layouts, which can be a great benefit in small rooms or offices where computers need to take up as little space as possible.

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