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Making Use of a Thunderbolt SSD Hooked up Externally to a Thin Client Mac Computer

Posted on July 18, 2011
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When you buy a new Mac and the Thunderbolt external SSD drives are available it will be a good idea to buy just the smallest physical hard drive that the Mac comes with, so that you save money. Then what you do is to connect your external thunderbolt SSD drive which is going to be very fast and you install Mac OSX on it, so that you can boot into it and have a very fast machine and save some money at the same time.

Hard drive SSD manufacturers, I’m sure will be making very fast drives of this type that are equipped with Thunderbolt ports and it won’t be necessary to buy an expensive SSD from Apple when you buy the computer. Another benefit will be that you will be able to use another Thunderbolt Mac and by booting into the Mac Thunderbolt external SSD, it will be exactly the same as if you were working on your own computer at home or in your own office. It is much more efficient for computer users to be able to use a computer that is completely set up for themselves. It is just the job to have the software, utilities and settings such as having TextExpander and the snippets plus other utilities, such as those you use to move windows into specific places on the screen so that you are able to work in the best possible way.

The users that have bought the first Thunderbolt devices available, the Pegasus R4 raid systems have proved that it is possible to boot from an external SSD Thunderbolt drive and all we will need to do now, is to wait for the manufacturers of SSD capable drives to produce the first hard drives that we can connect with a Apple Thunderbolt Cable to whichever Mac we would like to use.

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