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Get Your Green Neon Sunglasses

Posted on June 21, 2010
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Neon sunglasses, the essence of retro, the trend of the 80’s, now return for another round in the fashion world of today. Surely, you had some of your own, you may even still have them. If you do, then your are in luck, because you can pull those green neon sunglasses out and be part of a growing trend.

What Causes Women To Choose to Become a Redhead?

Posted on June 16, 2010
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There is something about a redhead that invariably turns heads whenever they walk by. Perhaps it is their striking appearance, perhaps their reputation of being fiery and bold? Some men go weak in the knees whenever a blond gazes at him, others prefer the sultry, exotic brunette but it is hard to find a man who does not dream of dating a redhead.

The Evolution of Singing Karaoke

Posted on May 31, 2010
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The key step to karaoke becoming so popular is the fact that it made the transition from karaoke bars to people’s own home. The personal karaoke machine has allowed people to start singing at their own pace, and once people are hooked they find it very hard to stop. People who weren’t as comfortable singing in front of people usually felt better about singing at home. And once they discovered how fun it was, they became devoted fans – just like many people before who came before them. So where karaoke was once thought to be a passing fad, the human love of music and the convenience of the karaoke system has made sure that it will stay for a long time to come.

The Definitive Guide to a Ladybug Party

Posted on May 23, 2010
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One of the more popular party themes is a ladybug party. It is great for either boys or girls. Most parents have a ladybug theme for kids between one and three years of age. It is simple to throw and fun for all ages. It is also great for summertime parties as well. There are a few things you will want to do to pull off a great party.

Is Your Home Going Green

Posted on May 19, 2010
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A recent survey was just released that showed Canadians would be happy to pay a little extra to live in a Green Home. A fairly large percentage, over 70% said that they would be willing to spend more. According to TD Trust, this is the third year in a row that the survey comes back with the same results. What would the result be in your neighbourhood. Is there a push to be more frugal with city water supplies? Are you one of the west coasters that already have experienced brown outs – the city’s way of telling everyone ‘change is coming’.

Showing One’s True Colors: Pink Accessories

Posted on May 13, 2010
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The color pink is the result of mixing the colors white and red. Pink is said to promote physical weakness, unlike red, which is related to strong emotions that are like blood rushing when blushing. On the other hand, just like red, it has been noted that pink also symbolizes love, but of a different level, that of being amiable and romantic. In this modern world, pink accessories are must-haves for any female who wants to have a fashion statement, a color-coordinated, cool, nice, and/or sweet look. The kinds of accessories include, but are definitely not ever limited to: bags, wallets, belts, pins, hats, sunglasses, jewelry items, watches, gloves, and other decorative stuff that are used to supplement the worn clothes.

Use of Teacher Stamps in Encouraging the Students

Posted on May 12, 2010
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Teacher always been a dearest peoples to my heart and it’s not only because of they had helped me a lot for the success of me but also because they are the persons who taught me the culture with my mom and dad. Mom and Dad are the true most important persons in any once life but teacher also poses a much importance in every once life. Mother and father teach us how to eat, talk, and walk and many more things but teacher teach us how to live in this world. Teacher actually opens the doors to the outside world for us and teaches us how to live in that world with dignity and self respect.

Silver Earrings Style And Glamor Combined

Posted on May 2, 2010
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Ask any style-conscious young lady on the street nowadays what the most essential part of her jewellery ensemble is, and her answer will probably refer to her earrings. And not just a single pair, either – very rarely will a fashionable young girl limit herself in such a manner. Rather, you are likely to be informed that the most important part of her jewellery ensemble is her earring collection.

Perfect Prom Dress

Posted on April 30, 2010
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In any occasion, the dress is usually the main attraction. Especially in a prom which is a girl’s most important night, the dress takes on an even more important role as it represents her personality and sense of style. Women take a lot of time and effort in finding the perfect prom dress. But whether they’re regular or plus-size dresses, a dress in black creates a strong impact and a unique fashion statement in a usually bright and colorful prom night.

Different Colored Suits for Men

Posted on April 25, 2010
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Men’s suits come in many styles, colors and materials to suit specific business functions and other formal events. The choice in fabric mostly depends on personal style but it should also be appropriate for the occasion. When it comes to color, black suits are the favorite and classic choice, but white suits are gaining popularity especially for fashion-conscious men who want to stand out looking appropriate for the affair yet with a more fun and stylish flair.

Pet Shop Boys – The 1980s Live On

Posted on April 21, 2010
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The Pet Shop Boys are an iconic British electronic band. They are widely viewed as capturing the spirit of the 1980s with their anthemic debut, West End Girls, which raced to the top of the charts in both the UK and USA in 1985. Loyal fans, or “Petheads”, attend concert after concert as Neil Francis Tennant and Christopher Sean Lowe take to the stage “with Che Guevara and Debussy to a disco beat”. So what is the secret of the band’s success and what does the future hold for this most iconic of 1980 acts?

A Stone Mountain Handbag Will Make Your Friends Jealous

Posted on April 6, 2010
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Do you love to be the envy of others with the fashion accessories that you have? A Stone Mountain handbag will ensure that you have a purse that all of your friends will be dying to own. When you walk up to the table with your Stone Mountain purse in your hand all of your friends will instantly notice and complement you on the bag that you are carrying. The next time that you see your friends two or three of them may even be carrying a purse that is made by Stone Mountain. There are a lot of great things about these handbags that every woman will love.

Halloween Masquerades

Posted on April 4, 2010
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Hosting a costume party for Halloween is almost commonplace nowadays. Everyone already has a costume in mind that they plan to wear so it is easy for the guests to get ready and show up in crazy outfits. A more unique idea is throwing a masquerade party for Halloween instead.

What Does Rich And Happy Mean To You?

Posted on December 8, 2009
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There’s nothing wrong at all with wanting to be rich and happy, unfortunately so many people think that if they were rich they would also be happy. I’m afraid it doesn’t work that way though.

Dealing with Hydrocodone Addiction

Posted on December 3, 2009
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There are several potential steps in overcoming Hydrocodone addiction. The first of these steps is admitting that you have a problem and that you need help. Many people admit that they have a problem eventually, but they still do not accept their addiction on a really deep level and vow to take action against it. There is a really big difference between admitting to a drug problem, and actually accepting it and then asking for help.