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Tips On Not Submitting To Google And Making Money

Posted on February 3, 2010
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Submitting your website to Google may take a couple of weeks or months before the website is cached in the search engine. If you want you can try and use the submit to Google tool but it is a lot of work and it can still take a few weeks to become indexed. There are better ways of making Google recognize your site. Making your website known through another website that has already made its name is a great start. The credibility of the other site will make your website famous within a short period of time. This also applies when it comes to making money on Google. No matter how you make money through your website the better you are ranked the more money you will potentially make.

When you introduce a website through another website (with a link), you are likely to get more hits since the website that you use already has a subscriber base who will easily find your website through that link. As such, this web traffic will be transferred to your website and within a short period of time you will realize that you have many visitors to your website. After a number of weeks of record hits, the adverts that goggle will place on your website will be receiving may clicks and this way you will earn more through the pay per click program than you would have by just waiting to become indexed. Placing it on a famous website guarantees automatic indexing and therefore it is a stress free and effortless way of making money online.

Making money online can be stress free if you are a hard worker. If you don’t mind putting in the upfront hours to get paid on the back end then you will do just fine with the online money making world. If you want money now then you might want to look elsewhere.

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