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The Pros And Cons Of 50cc Scooters

Posted on June 25, 2010
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As the current state of the economy causes more people to reconsider their spending habits, new alternatives to gas guzzling vehicles are beginning to make headways. One of these alternatives happen to be, of all things….50cc scooters. These small, lightweight and nimble machines are ideal for small trips and short errands. College students can also benefit from owning 50cc scooters, as they happen to be the perfect way of traveling across campus.

According to the Gas Powered Scooter Review, owners can expect to get between 75 and 100mpg from their scooters, meaning that they won’t have to worry about constant fill ups. Another advantage is that parking issues are largely eliminated thanks to the ability to park nearly anywhere within reason, saving on parking fees. These scooters do well on level ground and can go a decent clip, but hills can prove to be a challenge for the 50cc engine. Top speeds are limited to around 35mph, so local streets are the only place where these scooters can be driven safely.

If you are looking for a cheap and fun way of getting around town without having to put up with high gas prices and traffic jams, then a 50cc scooter may be just the thing for you. Also known as mopeds, these lightweight machines have been the ideal alternative to other forms of transportation in Europe and Asia. In the U.S., more and more people are catching on to the 50cc scooter phenomenon, trading in their gas guzzling cars in an effort to save money on gas and repair costs.

With fuel economy averages of 75 to 100mpg, according to the site 50cc Scooter Review, it’s easy to save on fuel costs with a 50cc scooter. Not only that, the 4 stroke engine also leaves a small environmental footprint, with emissions being kept at a minimum. If you live in an area where parking is limited or nearly nonexistent, you’ll be able to not only actually find a parking space, but also save on parking garage fees.

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